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For all pupils there are two uniforms; one for academic classes and another for P.E. classes. Pupils must wear their P.E. uniform to school on the days when they have P.E.

Parents are advised to add/sew their child’s name on their clothing.

School uniforms are available from our well-stocked uniform shop, which is open from 09:15 to 15:00.

What to wear

Penfield International School believes that a uniform is an integral part of a safe and effective school environment, and that modesty is something that should be modelled by all. All pupils are required to wear the school uniform unless the school authorises special ‘non-uniform’ days.

Jewellery will not be allowed for boys, but girls may have studs in their ears. Make-up and nail polish in school is not allowed. A wristwatch may be worn.

Long hair for girls must be neatly tied to the back. For boys, haircuts are to be short and tidy.